Reasons to Concealed Carry

Reasons to Concealed Carry

Please note that nothing written here is legal advice and concealed carry should be taken seriously. We encourage everyone to take classes and become well experienced in their firearm. Let's explore some of the benefits of concealed carry.

What is Concealed Carry?

Concealed carry refers to the practice of carrying a concealed firearm in public. This means that the gun is not visible to others and is hidden on the person. Concealed carry is legal in all 50 states in the US, although each state has its own regulations and requirements for obtaining a permit. Currently, there are 26 states that allow permitless concealed carry for their citizens.


The most commonly cited reason for carrying a concealed weapon is self-defense. According to a survey conducted by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, 79% of gun owners say that personal protection is a major reason for owning a gun. The ability to protect oneself and loved ones from harm is a fundamental human right, and carrying a concealed weapon can provide an added layer of security in dangerous situations.

Deterrent Effect

In addition to providing personal protection, the mere presence of a concealed weapon can also have a deterrent effect. Criminals are less likely to target an individual if they believe that they may be armed and able to defend themselves. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Chicago found that the passage of concealed carry laws reduced the rate of multiple-victim public shootings by 60%.

Crime Prevention

There is evidence to suggest that concealed carry can also have a positive impact on crime rates. A study published in the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy found that states with right-to-carry laws had lower violent crime rates than states without such laws. The study also found that the impact of these laws on crime rates was particularly pronounced in urban areas.

Economic Benefits

Concealed carry can also have economic benefits for individuals and society as a whole. The cost of crime to society is estimated to be in the billions of dollars each year. By deterring crime and preventing victimization, concealed carry can reduce these costs. Additionally, individuals who carry a concealed weapon may be able to reduce their insurance premiums, as they are perceived as being lower-risk by insurance companies.

Concealed carry can provide individuals with an added layer of security and deter criminals from targeting them. Additionally, concealed carry can have a positive impact on crime rates and reduce the economic costs of victimization. Be smart in how you do so and be sure you have had the proper training.

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