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Call it what you want. Tax savings, Christmas bonus, reverse tithe, anything! We are giving you an extra 10% on all ammo orders! So if you order 500 rounds, expect an extra 50 rounds.

This wont last long! This sale ends January 1st, 2023.

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Last day to order to get your ammo before Christmas is December 15th!

.300 Blackout & .308 Coming Soon

Our experienced crew is second to none.

Something as important as your ammunition should be manufactured with quality and care. Billet Bob puts attention to detail into every round we make. Problems with ammunition performance come from poor inspection and engineering: that's not a problem for us. With over 25 years in the manufacturing industry, we know what it takes!

  • Everything Precise

    Consistency is crucial. We make sure that all rounds are precise and accurate before they reach you and your firearm!

  • The Professionals

    Billet Bob has decades of combined experience. This isn't ammo being made in someone's garage. We are premiere manufacturers.

  • Supply & Demand

    Ammunition is a hot commodity. Many stores have bare shelves where ammo boxes should be. Don't be caught without.

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What's a Billet?

Billet · bil·let - noun

· A bar of metal for further processing. Used in manufacturing.